Lisa Grant Designs

Adding Sparkle to Your World 

I am a high school teacher living in Los Banos, California with my husband, and three four-legged furry friends.   


I have always been creative. As a child, I was interested in art and design.  I followed in my grandmother’s footsteps and designed and made clothes, and I inherited my mother's passion for painting.


I continued to follow my creative muse and began designing and creating logos, etched glass, and mirrors, as a hobby.  As my interest grew, my media changed from paper, to fabric, to glass, to leather, and then to metal.


In 1984, I decided to turn my hobby into a business and I formed Designs by Lisa, a small graphic arts business.  The business evolved into other areas such as balloon design and logo and sign designing. 


Years flew by, and I closed the doors of my business so that I could raise my beautiful children.  They are launched in their own careers now, and I have time to get back to my hobbies.


Now I enjoy teaching, crafting, working in my yard, and spending time with my husband.  With my new interests, I've taken over my husbands tools, and workshop.  I'm adding new and exciting things to the shop with which to cut, pound, bend, torch, and grind.


My work synthesizes all of my knowledge and skill. Although my designs may start out with a specific idea, my creative edge flows in its own direction along the way, which results in the finished pieces taking on a unique quality found nowhere else.  I'm continuing to grow and experiment, and having loads of fun!


In a world where, more and more often, items are mass produced, my commitment to providing unique and artistic designs is a fresh approach.