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Copper Bouquet Inset with Hammered Nickel Silver Frame Cuff


I created this textured metal cuff using 24 gauge nickel silver. The inset is made from 28 gauge copper which has been worked and embossed with the design, patina’d, and buffed to a high shine.

This is a wide cuff, with a width of approximately 1 1/2 inches.

I use a ball peen hammer to texture the nickel silver, which creates all the little indentations. This gives the copper inset a frame, and it strengthens the metal cuff. I sprayed the cuff with a high quality clear coat to add luster to the finish and add a layer of protection for those who are sensitive to nickel silver.

This cuff measures 6 inches in length (not including the opening), and will adjust to fit most wrists.


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